Businessman, Artist, Video Game Mogul

Who am I?

Since I was a child, I've been obsessed with playing video games. My earliest memory is playing NES Metroid in diapaers. Now, I am fortunate enought to produce and make games for a living--and I couldn't be happier.

I run a "casual games studio" (247 Games), which I started circa 2010. I also run an "indie game studio" (Burger Circus which dabbles in more...exploratory ventures.


What have I done?

Here's a quick list of projects that I'm proud of, in no particular order:

Infinite Ur Quan Masters:

Want to play Star Control 2 with a randomly-generated map? Love the old game, but want to play something with INFINITE replayability?

Infinite Ur Quan Masters is a procedurally-generated version of the 90's classic scifi game, Ur Quan Masters (open source Star Control 2). The map (star names, colors, contents, sizes, and quest locations) is randomized whenever you start a new game, so you get to re-enjoy the thrill of playing Star Control 2 for the first time, every time you play.

Since the alien territories change with each play-through, you will find yourself solving the quests in a different order each run: you may befriend the Syreen immediately, or get lucky and stumble upon a rainbow world right next to your home planet. The possibilities are endless!


Star Carnage:

You like procedurally-generated scifi games (in the vain of Star Control 2?). Then, boy, have we got something for YOU!

Star Carnage is a roguelike action RPG cast in the image of Star Control 2, with arcade-style game mechanics similar to The Binding of Isaac or Nuclear Throne.

Explore a vast, procedurally-generated universe, talk with strange species, discover exotic planets, and build your starship to kick alien ass!

This game is presently in development, and I'm looking for play-testers. If you're interested, please hit me up via one of the methods listed at the bottom of this site.



RogueMon is a Retro Roguelike RPG that’ll tickle more than just your funny bone!

Fight, trap, and play over 50 ridiculous characters using a hybrid of classic turn-based and modern arcade-style combat.

This was my first "indie game" and I spent about 2 years on it. You can play it on iOS and Android,


247 Games

247 Games is a casual game studio that I started circa 2010. Since then, we've reached tens of millions of users, and have over a hundred seasonally-themed, casual video games (solitaire, mahjong, poker, etc.)!

This is my bread-and-butter. My day job. My career.


How do I stay in touch?

If you want to talk to me, because you have an idea, need to leave feedback, or just want to talk, please reach me via one of the following media platforms: